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Welcome to buying on All-Bid!

We offer a unique tiered fee system that keeps your total price down!
Following are sections that should make your buying experience more useful and efficient on All-Bid.

To register simply click on the register tab on the left column on our home page. Read the terms
and if you agree to them click "I agree" at the end. The registration page will then load- fill out all information
and you'll receive your bidder number within 5 minutes!
If you have any questions or problems getting your bidder number click on contact us.
Once registered you are registered for all of our auctions!

Viewing/searching auctions:
The scrolling pictures of our home page highlight our most unique or interesting auction items currently
available to bid on. Simply click on a picture and it will take you to that auction.
To view all of our current auctions simply click on the current auction tab on the header of our home page.
To search for something specific type in the keyword for what you are looking for (the more general the better)
then click the appropriate drop down box (usually "any of the words" works best. For example, ATV is a better general
search term not 500 ATV power steering if you click "all of the words" in the drop down box. However, if you click "all
of the words" in the drop down box then any item that has any of the words 500, ATV, power, steering will come up and you
can filter auctions from there. When done filling in your search then simply click "GO"

Inspect merchandise at the specified preview time before bidding on an item. The auction manager or associate will
be on site to answer any questions at that time. It is your responsibility to inspect items prior to bidding.

On any item you wish to place a bid on: place your current bid in the "your bid" box and the maximum you want to bid
in the "your maximum" bid box. The max bid feature is not disclosed to other bidders. It allows All-Bid to bid for you
up to that amount if and when other bidders increase the current bid. Your bid is increased in the minimal increment to
retain the high bid up to your maximum. This is most helpful if you might be gone or unable to log on at the close of an
auction or if you are bidding on multiple items. If you decide to raise your max bid later just leave the "next required
bid" open and just enter your new max bid.

Retracting a bid:
we will retract obvious mistake bids if at our discretion we deem it to be an honest mistake.
All bids in the last 24 hours are final.

Extended bidding:
If someone enters a bid on an item within the last three minutes before closing, the ending time for that auction will
automatically extend for another three minutes. Each time another bid is entered the time extends for three more minutes
until someone wins the item. This prevents "sniping" at the end of an auction and gives everyone a fair chance to win the

Winning bidder ? :
you will receive an invoice by email from All-Bid within a few hours after the close of the auction. The email will provide
details on your total amount and the required dates and times for pick-up.
See payment tab for more information also.

Buying question not here? Please click the contact us for any other questions you may have.

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