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Pizza Restaurant - CLOSED - Ends Tuesday, January 9th, starting at 7:00 pm

Item Description
1.Bakers Pride Double Stack Gas Stone Deck Ovens, model D125, natural gas, good top stones, bottom stones are cracked but usable, bottom door needs screw for outer bottom door cover, approx. 66" x 43" x 70" tall

Note-Winning Bidder must be on-site by 10am to begin removal of ovens in order for bidder of hood #18 to gain access to remove

2.Colborne Dough Sheeter, model P-17-R, 120V
3.Delfield Refrigerated Prep Table on Casters, approx. 84" x 32" x 42" tall, 120V
4.Refrigerated Buffet Table w/drain, approx. 86" x 34" x 36" tall, 120V
5.NuVu Proofer/Oven on Casters, 35" x 22" x 86" tall, 208V, 1 or 3ph
6.Duke Prep/Steam Table, approx. 48" x 34" x 36" tall, 120v
7.Adcraft Warmer, model FW-1200WF, 1200 watts, NSF, 120V
8.Hobart 10" Slicer, model 410, 120V
9.APW Warmer, model CW-2A, 1500 watts, 120V
10.Lot of 4 Freestanding Booths, ea. approx. 62" x 42" x 35" tall, Note-these are NOT bolted down to floor
11.Lot of 2 Freestanding Booths, ea. Approx. 62" x 42" x 35" tall, Note-these are NOT bolted down to the floor
12.Lot of 4 Metal Framed Chairs and 2 - 24"x20"x30" tall tables
13.Lot of 5 Freestanding Booths and 2 Metal Framed Chairs, each booth approx. 62" x 42" x 35" tall
14.Lot of Freestanding Booth and 2 Metal Framed Chairs, approx. 62" x 42" x 35" tall
15.Lot of 2 Freestanding Booths, each approx. 62" x 42" x 35" tall
16.Ridgid 2-in-1 Vacuum/Blower, 6.25hp, 16gal, missing 1 wheel, 120V
17.Garbage Station with Rollout Can, approx. 25" x 25" x 44" tall
18.PSM Vent Hood, NSF, approx. 66" x 48" x 30" tall

Note-Winning bidder must be on-site at noon in order to begin removal of hood

19.Lot of 20 American Metalcraft Serving Trays from 10"-17"
20.American Metal Craft 14" Pizza Peel
21.lot of Pizza Boxes, Stackers, Stands, etc.
22.Dri Mark Counterfeit Tri-Test Counterfeit Bill Detector
23.Lot of 3-16" Pizza Peels
24.Vollrath Full Size x6" Pan
25.Lot of 3 Vollrath Full Size x 4" Pans
26.Lot of 3 Full Size x2.5" Pans
27.Full size x 6" Pan
28.Lot of 3 Vollrath Half-Size Pans
29.Pr of Vollrath Half-Size Pans
30.Lot of 3 Half-Size x 4" Pans
31.Lot of 3 Half-Size x 4" Pans
32.Lot of 7 Assorted Pizza Screens
33.Pr of Half-Size x 6" Pans, including 1 Vollrath
34.Pr of Vollrath 1/3 Size x 6" Pans
35.Pr of Vollrath Full Size Slotted Pan Covers
36.Lot of 5-1/6 Size x 6" Pans
37.Lot of 5 Assorted Size Pans including 2 Vollrath
38.Lot of 12" Cake Pedestal and 10" Pan
39.Lot of Warmer 3-Hole Adapter Plate with 4qt Inserts and covers
40.Continental Carlisle 20 gal Dry Goods Container on Dolly
41.Lot of 5 Assorted Knives Plus Sharpener
42.Lot of 3 Assorted Knives, Pizza Cutter, and Sharpener
43.Pr of Cambro Half-Size x 6" deep Containers w/lids
44.Lot of 3-6qt Containers w/Lids
45.Lot of 3 Half-Size Slotted Pan Covers
46.Pr of Half-Size Pan Covers
47.Lot of Vollrath 10" x 8" insert and 8.5" x 9" inset
48.Lot of 4 Water Pitchers and Assorted Tumblers
49.Lot of Cling Wrap, Spoons, Foil, Bags, and Wax Papers
50.Lot of 21 Shakers-most polycarbonate
51.Lot of Harbortouch POS Software System with 2 Monitors, Cash Drawers, and Epson Printers
52.Prep Table Station, approx. 72" x 34" x 37" tall
54.Nemco Hot Plate, model 6310-3, NSF, 3000 watt, 240V, 1ph
55.VeriFone CC Machine w/Keypad
56.Vtech Dect 6.0 Phone System
57.Full Size Warmer 2-Hole Adapter Plate with Vollrath 78184 Inserts and covers
58.Lot of 3 Stainless Steam Pans, approx. 20" x 12" x 6" deep
59.Pr of Aluminum Steam Pans, approx. 20" x 12" x 6" deep
60.Wearever HD 16" Colander, model 4616
61.Lot of 5 Cambro High Temp 1/3 Size x 6" Containers
62.Lot of 5 Cambro High Temp 1/3 Size x 6" Containers
63.Lot of 6 Cambro 1/4 Size x 6" Containers
64.Lot of 9 Cambro 1/6 Size x 6" Containers
65.Lot of 8 Cambro 1/6 Size x 6" Containers
66.Lot of 3 Cambro 2qt Containers w/Lids
67.Lot of 3 Cambro 2qt Containers w/Lids
68.Lot of 2 Pans, 1 Strainer, and 4 Mixing Bowls
69.Lot of 7-1/6 Size x 6" Deep Containers
70.Lot of 7-1/6 Size x 6" Deep Containers
71.Lot of 12-1/9 Size x 4" Containers
72.Lot of 9 Assorted Containers
73.Lot of 9-1/3 Size Container Covers with 3 Slotted
74.Lot of 4-1/4 Size Covers and 5-1/6 Size Covers
75.Lot of 10-1/6 Size Covers
76.Lot of 16-1/9 Size Cover
77.Lot of 28-12" Refrigerated Prep Table Dividers Bars and Cover
78.Lot of Assorted Plated, Bowls, Baskets, Etc.
79.Lot of 10 Kerr Mason Jars
80.Lot of 4 Cutting Boards
81.Lot of Assorted Creamers, Shakers, Container, etc.
82.Lot of 6 Containers
83.Lot of 5 Dough Trays with 3 Covers
84.Lot of 13 Assorted Utensils
85.Lot of 12 Assorted Utensils
86.Lot of Black & Decker Coffee Maker and Assorted Utensils
87.Lot of 15 Serving Trays and 8-1/2 Size Well Seasoned Sheet Pans
88.Lot of 14 Wire Baskets
89.Lot of 7 Cash Bags and 4 Coin Trays
90.Lot of New Printers and Cash Drawer
91.Lot of Sign and order numbers
92.Lot of 5-48" Ceiling Fans
93.Lot of 6 Sections of Track Lighting