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Welcome to Payment on All-Bid!

All-Bid makes paying for your purchases secure and easy!

We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Cashier's check, Checks,
Visa/MasterCard, and bank wire transfer (contact us in advance for instructions).
All-Bid retains the right to refuse any check-business or personal.

Purchases over $500.00 require cash or cashier's check.

Pickup: Staff will be available to process your payment on the day of pickup.
Payment in advance can be arranged over the phone but payment is preferred at the time of pickup.

Sales tax: Sales Tax-All-Bid collects all applicable sales tax-including buyers premium- if applicable in the state and/or
county that auction is held in.

For Resellers or tax exempt you must provide a copy of your exemption certificate each time before the sales tax
will be deducted.

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