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Welcome to selling on All-Bid!

Do you need to turn you assets into quick cash? Are you looking to downsize, reduce inventory and/or equipment,
or liquidate entirely? We can help you. We can host an auction at your site or ours, depending on the circumstances
and time. Contact us for a confidential conversation regarding your situation and we will help guide you through the process
in an informative, honest, accurate and friendly manner. Customer service is our top priority.

If time does not permit an auction and liquidation is the only avenue, we may be able to help by purchasing your assets.
Call us for a confidential conversation. We work with individuals, companies, lenders, etc. to turn dead assets into quick
cash, allowing you to be able to purchase new equipment, inventory, pay bills, etc.

We also pay finders fees for auctions. Contact us to find out more.

Why an online auction? Time is money-especially now! Our online auctions typically run for 10-14 days, giving you maximum
exposure from thousands of our buyers from all over the United States and Canada! Our primary focus at this time is from
the Midwest-including Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Canada. Buyers are able to sit in the comfort
of their home, business, etc., to view and bid at their leisure making it easier for them, thereby increasing the competition
for bidding.lll

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